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Our mission is to help your family become financially free . We look forward to helping you!
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Ramsey Cory Coulter, CEO

We are a national credit repair and restoration company. We understand that unforeseen things can happen. We believe everyone deserves a second chance, and our credit experts are here to help.

Credit sometimes seems like a necessary evil. What’s more, bad credit can make life needlessly frustrating and expensive. Whether you’re looking for a new apartment, trying to buy a new home, needing to finance a car, or simply wanting a higher line of credit, having a good credit score is essential.

With our reputable name and experience that you can trust, let us assist you to rebuild and regain trustworthy credit!

My Promise To You: We’ll Work Hard to Improve Your Credit

We truly believe that better credit helps make for a better life. While it won’t wash your windows or make the kids clean their rooms, a good credit score can greatly reduce your stress. Can you imagine seeing an ad for your dream car and knowing that you can qualify for financing for it? Can you picture waking up in six months with no more letters or calls from debt collectors? Can you conceive of saving hundreds of dollars every month thanks to your improved credit score? These are the kind of results we’ve seen happen for our clients; it’s why we do what we do.

We started Coulter Credit to help people who are struggling with their credit and feel that there is no way out. Giving someone a second chance on their credit can be a life-changer, and that’s what we love to provide. Throughout our website, you will find many testimonials from clients and partners who’ve benefitted from our services. That is what drives us every day: changing people’s lives. So let’s chat! We are not going to judge you or belittle your situation; we genuinely care and want to help.

Credit Repair

Our team works hard to restore your damaged credit so that you can get the financing you need.

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Using credit cards properly can help protect your finances as well as improve your credit scores.

Business Credit

Set your business up for long-term success by establishing and using business credit and financing.